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  » Produse » AuCom Demaroare inteligente » Seria EMX3 trifazate 7.5~1.500kW
AuCom Demaroare inteligente
Seria EMX3 [trifazate 7.5~1.500kW]

High performance soft starters


  • Constant & ramp current, kickstart and XLR-8 adaptive acceleration starting functions
  • Standard soft Stop and XLR-8 adaptive deceleration stopping functions
  • Motor and starter advanced protection functions
  • 3 & 6 wire connection possibility with auto detection function
  • Built-in bypass contactor (up to 220Amp)
  • Advanced wide LCD graphic digital operator
  • 24VDC auxiliary power supply
  • Motor thermistor (PTC) and Pt100 (RTD) inputs
  • 4 - 20mA output
  • Real time clock with battery backup
  • Forward and reverse jog function
  • Plug-in control terminal blocks
  • CE, UL, C-UL, Ctick approvals
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