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Product Applications

The most important applications of our products are in the power transmission system market, particularly electric motors, gearboxes, d.c. motors and brushless motors, and Industrial Movement Industry (electric trucks, cranes and lifting machines). The wide choice of braking torques, from 0,1 Nm to 4000 Nm, and the conformity of our products to european regulations 73/23/EEC, 98/37/EEC, 93/68/EEC, VDE 0580, file nr. E210965, 95/16/CE, “Atex” Ex Group II class 1 “GD” “d” T6 “IIC” certificate n. TUV IT 10 ATEX 044 Q guarantee the quality of the products and the continuos research that our company is making to satisfy the safety regulations.

General Characteristics of the brakes

Our electromagnetic brakes conform to the following regulations:
• 98/37/EEC "Machine Instructions" Regulation and next modifications
• 73/23/EEC "Low Voltage" Regulation and next modifications
• 93/68/EEC "Electromagnetic Compatibility" Regulation and next modifications
• 60335-1-CEI "Safety of electric devices for domestic use" Regulation and next modifications
• Regulation VDE 0580
• Certification ISO 9001:2010
• 95/16/CE: TÜV Institute and next modifications
• “Atex” Ex Group II class 1 “GD” “d” T6 “IIC”certificate n. TUV IT 10 ATEX 044 Q
• New "Machine Instructions"2006-42.


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