motoare electrice, motoare, pompe, reductoare, convertizoare de frecventa, convertizor de frecventa, soft startere (demaroare), motoare de inalta tensiune, motoare speciale, motoare cu frana, motoare cu rotor bobinat, reostate cu lichid pentru motoare cu rotor bobinat, motoare de medie tensiune, motoare de curent continuu, motoare cu rotor in scurtcircuit, motoare cu rotor bobinat, motoare de joasa tensiune, motoare cu flansa de prindere, convertizoare de frecventa, schimbatoare de frecventa, baze pentru motoare, pulie, rulmenti
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Seria KDC Medium DC Motors
Caracteristici tehnice

IEC 132-710



  • Metallurgy
  • Rubber machinery
  • Plastic machinery
  • Mining
  • Gears
  • Marble factories
  • Steel Industry
  • Hoists and cranes
  • Traction vehicles
  • Presses
  • Paper machines
  • Circle cutting machines
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Furnaces, exhaust fans, separators and conveyor belts for the cement industry and others




Standard features


  • Heavy duty design
  • IP23 up to IP55 protection degree
  • Cooling methods : IC06 or IC17or IC37 or ICW37A86
  • Rotor and Stator Winding with copper wire enamel-coated with class H varnish and with insulation and impregnation system class F or H.
  • Brushes made of electrographite
  • Commutators made of copper
  • Insulation class F, temperature rise 80°C
  • Top mounted terminal box (with the possibility of rotation by 180°)
  • SKF or NSK bearings
  • Regreasable bearings
  • RAL 5010, blue color


Optional features


  • Special dimensions
  • Special voltages
  • Tacho generator
  • Class H insulation
  • IP56/IP65 protection
  • Right or Left-hand side terminal box
  • PT100 in the winding and bearings
  • Anticondensation heaters
  • Roller bearings on drive end
  • Epoxy raisin encapsulated terminal box
  • Epoxy raisin encapsulated winding
  • Silicon encapsulated terminal box
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